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"It's too much, it's too much for us!"
Father Daniel JOËSSEL

       Diaconal ordination and even more so priestly ordination is a mystery that envelops, invades and sometimes crushes the one who receives them.
       Daniel approached it - after tonsure and the subdiaconate - with an ever greater awareness:
At each of the ordinations that brought him closer to the decisive step," adds his superior, "he was as if transfigured; he was visibly aware of the grace he was receiving. François VEUILLOT
       Daniel JOËSSEL was dazzled by this mystery. His biographer tells us:
"And the passionate, almost jealous worship that he had for his ordination sometimes manifested itself in unexpected reactions. On a certain day, in the presence of Mother CESLAS, a slightly critical remark about some detail of the Holy Saturday liturgy, caused him to protest impulsively, although smiling."
« Ah! he cried, don't touch Holy Saturday! It is my ordination day! »

        In his Souvenirs about Father Daniel JOËSSEL, Father Jean BOYER-CHAMMARD noted:

       "His ordination - his first Mass - Wanting to express the smallness of the young priest who cannot achieve these graces, chatting with me one evening in the garden of the Carmelites, he said to me in a very simple tone: "It is too much, it is too much for us !"

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