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      After the publication of his article in La Semaine Religieuse de Paris (July 19), François VEUILLOT announced that he was starting to write what would be published in a few months under the title: « Un vicaire de banlieue, L'abbé Daniel JOËSSEL » . He had gathered enough elements and testimonies to write a book. He announced it in a letter to Yves JOËSSEL, Daniel's brother.
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                                                                                 Paris, 9 rue du Pré-aux-Clercs                                                                                    (tel : Littré 76-86)                                                                                                     26-VII-41 




   I apologise for being so late in replying to you, I wanted to do so on receiving your letter, which touched me deeply; but I have no memory of addresses and I could not find the note on which I had written yours. My son has just reminded me of it and I want to tell you that your precious testimony has been a great encouragement to me in the task I have undertaken, at the request of Canon MULLER, and to which I feel so inferior! If I have been fortunate enough, with God's help, to capture and render well the soul and physiognomy of your dear and holy brother, I hope that, through the intercession of the one whose life I have to retrace, I will not make a book too unworthy of the subject. I ask all members of his family to help me with their prayers during the weeks which will follow and which will be almost exclusively devoted to this great work.

   Please accept, sir, the most cordial expression of my sincere gratitude, with the assurance of my most devoted feelings.
                                                                              François VEUILLOT



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